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No Soluble powder consisted of the association in the best concentrations of every active principles constituting each of 4 pillars of the health of bird in captivity (Vitamins, liver, flora, immuno stimulating) with the specific nutritional supplements of the phase of birth and starting up of the growth: Proteins for the training of muscles, minerals for the training(formation) of the skeleton and the stimulation of the assimilation.






50 à 100 grammes par kilo de pâtée selon la consommations des oiseaux.
Eventuellement 2 à 3 C. à Soupe par litre d'eau de boisson.
Une ou deux fois par semaine pendant toute l'intersaison.



50 in 100 grams by kilo of swill according to the consumption of birds.

Exclusively of the birth in the weaning. At least hanging 2 in first 3 weeks of life.

The target being young birds and brewer's yeast being anyway insoluble, you should

not thus use this mixture in the water of drink.








1/10 VITAMAX: 17 vitamins, 16 amino acids, 13 minerals and trace elements

2/10 ORNI PROVEN: assimilation, intestinal flora: lactic ferments pro bioticks

1/10 MEGACHOLINE: protection of the liver, digestion, assimilation

1/10 ORNI ROYAL : Stimulant of the immunity, resistance to the infectious diseases

1/10 OLIGOMINERAL: training(formation) of the skeleton: calcium and minerals.

2/10 MEGAPROTEINE :growth 95%, formation des tissus, croissance

2/10 ORNI LEVURE: brewer's yeast: assimilation, growth, beauty of the feather.




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Poids 250 g

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