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Soluble powder containing 95% protein, enriched with vitamins B, E, C and magnesium for the first weeks of life.

 IMPORTANT: For fast growth and optimum start, fledgling food can contain up to 30% protein from birth to weaning.

Feed containing 20% is not rich enough at all for fledgling but is already much too rich for parents…

You should, therefore, use feed containing 10% protein or use half of a 20% feed before the young birds are born. However, you should enrich it up to 25-30% from birth to weaning (at the latest) and then go back to a lighter feed in order not to avoid weakening adults which could be heavily penalized in the second round due to this method.

This hyper-protein supplement can also be used to enrich food rations during all critical phases: weaning; weight loss; recovery; infection; transportation; diet changes (acclimation); intense physical activity; and, if desired, to increase muscular mass (together with carnitine).


COMPOSITION (for 1 kilo):

95 g % protein including: calcium caseinate, lactoserums (lactalbumin and lactoglobulin), dehydrated egg whites and magnesium. Also contains vitamins: C, E, and especially B vitamins.



1 tablespoon per liter of drinking water or 2 to 3 tablespoons per kilo of feed.

Be careful not to extend this type of therapy for too long to avoid risk of hyperproteinemia.

Use a depurative hepatoprotector between 2 broods (see below ORNIPUROL).

Do not forget to take the protein content of the base food into account.

IMPORTANT: consider that adding a boiled egg in 1 kg of feed may make the feed more appetizing but paradoxically reduces the protein content by 1%.

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Poids 50 g

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